perception — the final frontier

  What is the difference between perception and perspective? I asked myself this morning? So I looked them up. Perception is synonymous with discernment or understanding, while perspective has to do with angles or dimensions of seeing. Both depend on your age, experience, and culture, your education and personality. A toddler has a much different view and process of life than a child of nine.  Before seven we process life by feelings, much different than the blossoming awareness of later years. After seven we, hopefully, outgrow the natural narcissism of childhood–where we think we are the center of the universe. Then thought constructs begin to balance feeling. Now brain researchers tell us that critical thinking doesn’t even emerge until 25!

My perspectives at 25, even, were still controlled largely by fear, given my melancholy personality which likes to think about things and ask why? Much different than the perceptions of a happy-go-lucky sanguine who wants to have fun, or a burgeoning choleric who wants to go conquer the world. And we can’t forget the laid-back acceptance of the phlegmatic to whom everything is ok. Fortunately, we have varying combinations of more than one of these.

I am thankful that I have all of them, and even thankful, as I approach “golden” years, that I am predominantly melancholic. Though at times I think it would be lovely to have a little more sanguine, or a bigger dose of phlegmatic. Even a tad more choleric might help in marketing my new book! Though I really think I have enough of that for my melancholy self to fight.

The focus of this blog site is perception. How we see things. Primarily looking at things from different angles, varying perspectives of personality, and larger views of smaller subjects. Since I only have one set of eyes, and one personality, I would welcome your comments and input, even if it disagrees with mine, or those of others who leave comments. I only ask that you would disagree respectfully, remembering that everyone has a unique perspective, and none of us have total or absolute truth. What an adventure this could be! This global venue of learning from each other! Feel free to speak up! My goal is to post a perspective two or three times  a week. We’ll see how soon that happens! And I will try to keep them short enough to read quickly. Welcome.


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