Perspective on the Royal Wedding

I wanted to write this the first day I blogged, but thought I should do an introduction first. Then feelings waned, and now today I haven’t much time, but I want to post what has been rolling around in my head for almost two weeks– this idea of purposeful action, slowness and majesty. I live too much of my life in urgency, always pushing everything to the moment. I barely make it to appointments on time, dash across the country every couple of months, and generally feel guilty if I’m not using every moment purposefully.

But what I saw that morning, and even more when I reviewed it a day later through British eyes instead of American, was how measured and purposefully slow everything was. The arrivals of important guests and participants was all spaced for savoring the moment, the processionals were measured and slow. Everything was done with precision and apparently without coaching. I couldn’t help wondering how many times they had rehearsed it. I was struck with the majesty of the slowness, the regal feeling it lent to the proceedings. It wasn’t stiff, the participants appeared to be relaxed and enjoying the experience, but it was definitely purposeful, and I loved it. Royalty obviously do not rush around, at least not at high celebrations or important events. Maybe I need to be a little more regally slow… Maybe being purposeful is just taking time to savor, breathe, enjoy, feel, smile, notice…


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