I’m Excited about this Larger View!

It’s so cool how things happen.  My audio friend was setting me up to make an audio version of my book, The Worst Evil–Losing Yourself, and he happened to see my tiny Covert Ops book out of the corner of his eye.  He hadn’t seen it yet!  I couldn’t believe it.  He said, “What’s this?”  So I told him, and he handed it to me and said, “Here, start with this one.  It’s short and you’ll be able to get used to the equipment before you start on the big project.”  So I did.  And he mastered it that very same afternoon!  I just made an audio download of my book for the troops, Covert Ops! And it wasn’t even in the plan. This 37-minute audio book is a larger view of  Psalm 91– one that interprets it from a military viewpoint with respect to the larger universal war. Do you believe we are caught up in a war much larger than all the smaller ones going on here on this planet? I do, and to celebrate Memorial Day, we are making it free to anyone  until June 1.  Just go to arlacaraboolad.com and click on the Covert Ops page.


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  1. Lisa K

    wow love all this good!!!

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