Learning to see differently

Such a little thing as how you perceive exercise will determine if you do it.  Studies show that the exercise you enjoy benefits you more than the workout you do, but hate.  You might think that is a no-brainer, of course something you despise is going to cause free-radicals that cancel the perks.  But the research was just about not liking your exercise, but doing it anyway.  The recommendation was to find movement that you can enjoy.

I do a ball workout 5-6 days a week.  It’s only 30 minutes, and I like it, but not so much that it doesn’t take commitment–if I don’t do it first thing in the morning after time with God, and time with my husband (I try to order my priorities) it doesn’t get done.  And there was one exercise in my routine I really didn’t like.  Hate might be too strong, but I really didn’t like it.  And it wasn’t one of the more strenuous ones; I just didn’t like it.  Didn’t know why.

Then one day I was thinking about perception while exercising, and remembered the story of the king who when he blessed his people with his hands coming down, they all had a bad day.  But when he blessed them with his hands going up, they flourished.  I was a making a large circular motion in front of me holding the ball.  (The hated exercise.)

I  decided to try looking at the movement differently.  And the funny thing is I didn’t even change what I did, just the way I perceived it.  I had always thought of the circles as going down at the finish of each circle, and when I thought of it as going up at the finish, it changed the way I felt about the whole process.  Immediately.  And now it is one of my favorites!  It creates an uplift in my attitude every morning.  Crazy, that the way you choose to perceive the same exact thing can make it feel so different, but it did.

Try it.  See what you can turn around by changing your perception and let me know if it worked for you.  Obviously, if you hate something like exercising, it may take more than one decision, or changing more than one thought.  But once you start getting pay offs like more energy, or a better attitude,  or losing weight, you generate positive reinforcement.  Nothing succeeds like success.


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