Values and Perception

I loved hearing Tim Ferris say that he was scared to think what  imposing the boundary  of checking email once a week would do to his business.  If you haven’t read The Four-Hour Work Week, he had been checking email 50-100 times a day.  That is quite a shift, and he was sure that it would adversely affect his financial status.  But he had determined that money with no time to enjoy it, was not worth having, and amounted to no life.  He was analyzing and allowing his values to guide his perception.

Good job Tim, but he knows that.  In the first 30 days his income went up!  He was amazed.  But even if it hadn’t, he had already discovered a richer life.

Do you sometimes let your fear hold you back?  Even when you know that you could move ahead? I did it just this morning.  I found a great deal that I wanted to try with Trafficgeyser and started thinking of all the reasons that the timing wasn’t right: My website isn’t quite ready.  I’m having guests next week.  I’m going away two weeks later.  I immediately recognized it as my resistance–excuses.

So how do I change my perspective?  How do I perceive this opportunity as just that, an opportunity instead of a fear?   I looked at the calendar and realistically planned, when will I be ready to take the plunge?  If I wait till the kids are gone, all my trips are over, it will be 2.5 months from now… is that being realistic or putting things off?

I often say if you do what’s right for you it will usually be right for those around you — that includes your business.  Right isn’t always what feels good–what you want to do.  It’s more likely what you need to do.  Sometimes it’s scary, and if the decision makes a huge change, you will likely not feel ready for it.  Have you ever felt ready for the big things in your life?

Making decisions based on feelings is not healthy.  I call it Bottom Up Living.  Top Down Living on the other hand, makes decisions based on worship, reason, and conscience.  I got this from a wonderfully balanced psychiatrist, Timothy Jennings (believe it or not he is balanced) in his book Could It Be This Simple?

Worship is your passion, and I am passionate about getting my book out there.  Reason is looking it at it realistically–am I ready?  How long will it take to get ready?  What needs to be done?  Conscience is how you feel in your gut after having made the decision.  It isn’t always reliable but if you ask God to guide, you can check your fear.  Peace is a good go ahead signal.

So I wrote  in my book the next step.  And then I set a goal, and dated it.  If I don’t meet that one, I’ll set another and date that one.  I have peace.  Let your values dictate your perception, not your feelings.


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