I got a Youtube email that someone thought was powerful and it made me sick!  A father walks into an executioner stops the execution and then brought in his son (looked about 15, sad and skinny) put him in the chair and gave the go ahead.

Can Christians actually watch this and think it is wonderful?  It makes God look stupid and harsh and without reason.  Why are we content to stay on the surface with superficial understanding?  Jesus may have died our death but not as this scene portrays. And if you think that’s what happened, you need to dig a little deeper.

Even as a child and young adult, “Jesus died for us” made me uncomfortable. As an adult, I understand why: Jesus taking on our death is only a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture.

If you insist on making it the whole picture, then at least change it so the son stops the execution and pleads with the father to allow him to go to his death, while the father stands sobbing and shaking his head — holding the boy, finally allowing his son to go to the chair.

But if you’d like to really understand what happened, ask some hard questions until you get answers that make sense.

Who would God need to pay for sin? or for us? He’s the top.

Why did Jesus have to die?

Does God keep law and order by killing someone?

You’ll notice the Father didn’t kill the son.  Jesus, on the cross, said “My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me?” That’s one clue.

Scripture defines God’s wrath (His worst anger) as letting go of you– letting you have your way–removing His protection.

God doesn’t need to kill anyone–separation from Him causes death.  Separation is the definition of sin.  But He will let you separate.  He will let you do what you want.  He’ll even let you die.  But He doesn’t kill you. Separation kills you.

And that isn’t what He wants.  He’d like you to become His friend and allow Him to clear away all the debilitating lies you believe about Him, yourself, and others.  Jesus died so you had a choice about that. He says, “Why will you die?”  Why do you want to?

With that Youtube understanding and representation of God, it is no wonder we have atheists!

If God is anything, He is wise, kind, good, and He makes sense! It takes time to understand how it all fits together, but He will come out looking good, because He is good–count on it.


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