Perception of Yourself and a Narcissistic Mate can Change Everything

The following is an excerpt from an excellent resource if you are living with a verbally abusive mate.  Kim was living with abuse, her husband Steve, a narcissist.   She was told by therapists to leave because narcissists don’t  change, but they had three children, and that “didn’t  feel right in her heart,” so she sought another opinion.  Today they are helping couples all over the world–together–through their website  Below is part of her experience, taken from one of her blogs.

Once upon a time I did not think I could possibly stand up to Steve, but then once I had learned to, I could not believe how easy it became. Eventually I saw that it was me who had kept myself his victim by not rising above my own fears. I was scared he was sleeping with other women and would let this thought tear me apart. I would think I needed him to believe in me to believe in myself. I would live to please him and be shattered when my efforts were in vain. I thought I needed him to be trustworthy instead of trusting and relying on myself.

via Narcissism Daily Mirror: Verbal Abuse – Part 2.

Sound familiar? Keep reading, since I took this out of her blog in three different places, it may appear as three different blogs, but one follows the other. And if you have questions feel free to email me at


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