Mind Expanding Rob Bell

Have you heard this guy?

I had only read about him and seen one of his clips, but I saw one of his presentations a couple of nights ago–WOW!  What an ability to make very difficult topics understandable.

The timing was curious, because I had just been on an Amazon discussion board about how a loving God could burn people in hell without end. (You can really eat up time on one of those!) Rob, of course, wrote a controversial book that sort of addresses it sideways, so I’m told–haven’t read it yet–but I want to.

That happens to be one of my favorite subjects to argue just because it makes no sense, and I found myself siding with the atheists more often than the Christians–a curious position in itself since I am a Jesus follower.  But I had to admit at times the atheists made more sense.  And if nothing else, God makes sense. We just don’t always have all the information.

So Rob in his presentation blows our minds with a little science about quarks, and the smaller particles that are completely unpredictable except for one characteristic–they always come in twos or threes. Then he goes on–imagine two beings who live in a 2-dimensional world trying to understand something from our world:

“Did you see that?”


“What was that?”

“Don’t know.”

“That was amazing! What was that?”

He illustrates that they would have no way to understand unless someone told them and they believed it. Weird thought, huh? But so right on.

How in the world do we understand God who lives outside time and space? At best we are always anthropomorphizing Him.  I like that fifty-dollar word, but it just means that we are seeing God through our eyes, our understanding, and making Him like us–which is pretty crazy when you think about it.

But if there is something that just doesn’t make sense, then guess what, we need to ask Him if He can help us understand it, if that’s possible, because if nothing else, He has to be true to Himself.  He has to be consistent with His own laws–that much I know.  He has to be constant.  Because that is what the whole war between good and evil is about.  Is God fit to rule the universe?  And who is telling the truth?  More on hell later…



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