Great Perspective!

“Some people are so poor the only thing they have is money.”

My daughter told me about this quote she saw on pinterest. I loved it. What great perception!

When you have tons of money you may not develop delayed gratification. You never have to wait and save for what you want. You don’t have to choose between what you kind-of want or what you really want because you can just get both.

And then maybe decide you don’t like either, leaving you frustrated. But instead of really struggling with it and figuring it out, you are onto the next distraction you can buy. But do you do anything? I mean do you really struggle with trying to accomplish a skill, or do you just pay to have it done? Or if its a skill like art, go buy it?

Even creativity takes effort and patience, practice until the lines fall into the right places. Till others also appreciate… Maybe you don’t even have to deal with rejection, because if your work is ghastly and expensive enough, people will buy it because they have so much money it’s newsworthy to pay that much for something so poor. You get attention for your bad choices. And then you can defend them. Another distraction.

I never realized that being rich could be so distracting. Do you ever stop distracting yourself, I wonder? Do wealthy people (especially people who grow up wealthy) ever get down to the real struggle–who really am I? Do they ever get past money to character, to the simple, but extremely hard, parts of life about choices and meaning?

Do they ever figure out what they really believe? Or are they just too distracted to stay on an exacting, and sometimes painful, course of thought.

Do they really enjoy? Or are they so jaded by superfluity that interest only lasts a moment and then need a new stimulation?

Do they ever get to just enjoy something natural and simple like running through the streets of Copenhagen early in the morning just for the love of it? Like the blog I read this morning on WordPress… beautiful!

Perhaps it is really true, the true poor have only money.


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