A Perspective on the Media’s Portrayal of Men

I heard a trailer on a new dad movie today that sounded awful. I couldn’t help wondering how long are we going to put up with the media making fun of men, portraying men as comic figures, losers, sex fiends, generally worthless and clueless buffoons?

How can men stand it? Don’t you guys mind being the butt of jokes? The new humor? Is this the fallout from feminism? Does it mean that we are uncomfortable with men being men? We can’t tolerate men who care? Men who stand up for values?

The best regular casting of men is detectives in crime investigation. What does this mean? Can anyone tell me? Has the feminist movement succeeded in undermining masculinity until there isn’t any left?

What has happened to cause us to lose our men?

What has happened to our view of men?

Do we still have men who care deeply about their children and grandchildren? Do we still have men who are secure? Men who know who they are and what they believe? Who walk with God and have faith? Men who will stand for right and not be rigid and harsh? Men who are well read? Men who respect themselves and women? Men who aren’t afraid to lead without force or control?

Does God have any real men out there? Men of passion and faith who interact with their kids and talk to their wives, who don’t just sit on the couch and watch TV every night? Who aren’t afraid to be there, to listen, to get involved? Who are actually engaged in life and relationships?

And if He does, why can’t the media show some of them? And make them look good? How about some inspirational men? More movies like Invictus?


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