Guest Post–Perspectives on Life and Death from a Scientist (John McConnell)

Roasted Atoms

by John McConnell

July 06, 2012

“And anyone not found in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.”

Rev. 20:5, NKJV

Man has always grappled with the problems of the origin and destiny of the human race. The mystery surrounding these two topics has resulted in some pretty weird speculations. The eastern religions have solved the question of destiny, or kismet, with the belief in reincarnation after death. According to this teaching, when a person dies he (or she) is reincarnated into some kind of animal depending on their good or bad deeds in this life. Good people have the honor of becoming a higher form of animal such as a cow, horse or monkey. Bad people are doomed to become some creepy crawlers. Eventually, however, after one has served his term here on earth, he will end up in the spirit world of Nirvana where all is peace and happiness. Muslims believe that if a man has dispatched a significant number of infidels, he will go directly to Paradise where he is met by 70 beautiful virgins. I’m not sure how women fit into this picture.

The Greeks and other pagan religions taught that a person consists of an evil, carnal body and an immortal soul. At death, the body perishes and the soul is transported to heaven to live in bodiless eternal bliss in the company of gods and goddesses. Since this soul is spotless of any evil done in the body, there is no punishment for those evil deeds. This belief in the immortal soul persists today in modern society, and it is a continuation of the big lie, “thou shalt not surely die,” that Satan used to tempt Adam and Eve.

The question of where we come from is generally ignored by most everyone except the Latter-day Saints, or Mormons. They have a unique belief that everyone exists in a never-never land of Limbo before they are born on earth. No one knows for sure where that is. In order to get to heaven persons must be born on earth, they can’t go directly to heaven from Limbo. This naturally leads to the conclusion that the more babies born, the more people get into heaven. The logical solution to this is polygamy, which is a way of expediting the whole process.

Modern atheism solves the problem of death by assuming that there is no hereafter; no life after death. When you die, that’s it; you become “atoms in the void.” All suffer the same fate, and there is no reward or punishment for deeds done in the body. Contrary to this, the Bible presents a picture of reward and punishment according to what your works may be. The righteous enjoy eternal life while the wicked suffer eternal destruction in the lake of fire. So, the wicked may indeed become “atoms in the void,” but they will be “roasted atoms.”

© 2012 John McConnell

As those of  you who have read me know, I have written a few posts earlier on hell–I don’t believe scripture supports eternal torment or burning. I don’t believe he does either, though it may sound like it. This was sent to me by a friend who was his student, and loved him as a science teacher.


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