Learning from Aroura

I hope we don’t start with neuro-scientist jokes now. I heard a comment today that made me react...Here we go…

I responded, “What we can learn from Aroura is that very bright people are more sensitive to stress than the rest of us.

For years I have observed that high intelligence manifests higher sensitivity. The higher your I.Q. the more likely you are to have a harder time with emotional adjustment. Research has since verified this with their findings on E.Q. or emotional ability.

What you may not realize is higher sensitivity leads to higher susceptibility to stress, or vulnerability to change.

What does this mean practically? You have to take better care of yourself. If you know you are bright, honor your sensitivity.

Don’t put chemicals, sugar, and processed food into your body. Don’t pacify yourself with junk just because you like it, especially when stressed.

Stress burns up nutrients and hormones faster than normal life. And since comfort food isn’t typically nutrient dense… you may have to eat some things that aren’t calling to you. Simply said, cut the white bread, pastries, donuts, sugar, anything that is fluffy and sweet–empty carbs, and look for something your taste can enjoy that your body can use.

You don’t want to deprive yourself, then your good won’t become habitual, so change your perspective from deprivation to honoring. That shift has made all the difference for me.

Do you know what your body wants?

If not stay tuned. I’m going to start a series on stress in about a week.

So I’ll end this with some generalities that most everyone knows:

Eat lots of real food–“If man made it, don’t eat it” (Jack LaLayne). The more raw, the better (excepting animal products).

Cut down your animal intake.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night–if you’re going through menopause this is challenging!

Exercise daily (or at least 5 days a week) and make it something you like.

Get 15 minutes of sunshine on large areas every day, without sunscreen.

And be grateful for everything. Even the things that go wrong–you’re learning! Attitude and perspective can make or break your health.

If you know you are smart, don’t be stupid.


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