Perspective–What you see IS what you Get.

Jesus words, ” Be careful how you see” keep coming to me every few days or weeks lately. I believe they are about choosing perspective.

A year ago today my mother died. It was two hours after her 92nd birthday, and I got angry at God that she didn’t go on her birthday. Seems silly now–stupid even. But I’m glad I have that kind of relationship with God–real, relational, interactive. Especially after the weekend.

I spent several hours catching up with a former student and friend. He is a theologian of sorts and by the end of the afternoon it seemed clear to me that too much study can take away faith. Though he had struggled with it anyway because of an abusive father.

It’s sad to me. Why wouldn’t the higher rungs of academia choose to strengthen faith? Because I do believe it’s a choice. I know of theologians and scientists who go both ways.

Religion, if real, is relationship. In any relationship of life you can go both ways. I can focus on my husband’s faults, or what I love about him, it’s a choice. Either way, I will find what I’m looking for. You should only stop looking for good when it is hurting you to pretend. It’s true in everything.

Yesterday helped reinforce that. I went to the memorial of a former client. He was aging with dementia, and apparently it was worse than his family realized. Renowned in the field of search and rescue, he had saved hundreds, maybe thousands, of lives and ended up taking his own. The family is reeling from the irony. Hopefully, I can help them with perspective.

Life is most clearly about choosing perspective. Jesus said be careful how you see, you will get what you believe in. We do create our own reality.

There are always at least two perspectives. We get to choose whether we live in light or darkness.


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