The Magic of Faith

Magic and faith seem mutually exclusive, but this is about perspective–how you choose to see–and right now its about beauty and being loved.

A few nights ago I was making dinner and looked outside and was awed at sun coming across green grass and trees at that golden time of day. The temperature was perfect, the sky was blue with big fluffy clouds and the sun shining over them and making shafts of light through them–beautiful. One of those rare moments of perfection.

I went to the door, and instantly made a decision to eat out there. We set up the cardtable on the front lawn, and my little square Battenburg lace topper just fit it. I brought out our plates and we had an amazing dinner show.

First, it was just enjoying the clouds and the lighting as it changed. Then it was the most incredible sunset splashed all over the sky, while the cloud bank in front of us never moved, just kept on reflecting the color changes for thirty minutes! It went from pale yellow to brilliant yellow, gold, pink, orange, fuscia, red, to purplish blue at the end.

And in the pink stage we even saw a rainbow in the clouds to the South. I’ve never seen that before–a rainbow in a sunset–when it hadn’t been raining.

All you need is 30 seconds to anchor something beautiful in your memory, making positive pathways, but this was 30 minutes! And we could so easily have missed it, or looked for 3 seconds and said “Beautiful!” and moved on eating at the table in the dining room as usual.

Here is the magic of faith: being grateful. Yes, it probably would have happened anyway without our gratitude and enjoyment, but openness to beauty got us out of the house, onto the front lawn at the precise time to watch the whole thing. All those synaptic connections firing in just the right time and sequence to create a splendid and delightful experience? That’s a gift from God.

And the appropriate response, a heart overflowing with gratitude, hard wires your brain to receive more gifts.


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