Why Not?

Why not live in confidence and move ahead depending on God to clearly and loudly let me know if I am heading down the wrong path?

The thought came to me with such force and clarity two days ago that I had to write it for you. It just made so much sense in that moment while I was executing the entrance turn onto the freeway.

Don’t I believe God loves me? Don’t I believe He has promised to guide me? Then why not move ahead with excitement and enthusiasm (which means “in God”) depending on Him to steer instead of wasting so much energy on doubt, in fear that I will miss the indications, or some other how mess up His will and His plan?

In that moment there was perfect acuity. As if everything in my brain finally came together and fit and I could see.

Nothing else made sense.

Of course, now I can see why the doubt and fear. I am steeped in Judeo-Christian scripture, and there are plenty of people who missed “the Way”; plenty who had a better idea than God’s and made horrible messes. Ones that blocked God’s purpose and blessing–David and Solomon. Ideas that have had violent effects for centuries–Abraham and Lot.

Our freedom is so big, so free, and we are so dense (I speak for myself), so easily deceived. Our enemies are so skilled at deception that half of the time we have no idea what’s going on–we’re on auto pilot–in a trance, and the other half, we think we have  great ideas that make big messes.

So there is reason for pause and prudence.

But really, if God is as big as I believe–as big as He says, and if He promises to guide the steps of those who love Him, who have a relationship with Him, then surely there is nothing to fear.

I mean, seriously, I wouldn’t want my children or my grandchildren to live in fear if I love them, worrying if I will care properly or  guide them (if they ask). It’s a horrible feeling, a terrible waste of energy.

Therefore, live in the knowledge that you are loved.

Even Jesus, who purposely faced the worst possible outcome with no escape, was shown what was ahead, had twenty years to prepare, and always knew he was loved. He lived Loved.


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