Don’t Give Evil the Last Word!

No matter how you look at it or what you believe about evil, it had the upper hand last Friday, shocking all of us and shattering lives.

But will we give it the last word? I say, “No!” True, the community of Sandy Hook will never be the same, but they are grieving together.

So often grief is isolating, increasing the heaviness and intensity. In believing that we are the only ones who feel as we do, we take on depression and loneliness, too often getting caught in the lies that evil sends with their events. “I’ll never get through this. Life will never be good again. God must not love me…” etc.

As a mental health therapist I can assure that grief shared is so much better than how it usually goes. There is a bond in suffering together that deepens and refines our relationships. Vulnerability, something so valuable and so hard for most of us, becomes beautiful and connecting. That community can end up closer for having gone through this by choosing to be there for each other.

Then there are all of us experiencing it vicariously.We can be changed by it too, but don’t let it go to fear or getting stuck in sadness or despair. We can choose to value our own children, our own families, more. We can let it pull us back to what Christmas really is about–Love and Vulnerability–those gifts, not impressing people and spending money.

The hard part is not for those whose lives ended. Life and evil can never hurt them again. The hard part is to choose to go on finding good things in the sadness, finding happiness, loving God, loving life.

Why does God let evil invent and execute their monstrous schemes? Some questions have no answers here, but someday we will understand. Some things can’t make sense from our perspective, because we are in it, and the context is so much bigger than we can imagine.

We can believe that a God who is willing to suffer along with us, is trustworthy, and will explain everything. And not only explain, but make it up to us for helping Him secure the universe in love, beauty and safety, having won the right to eliminate evil.

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