Gun Control? Really? First of a Three-part Series on the Real Issues. How Did This Happen?




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 Most of us are affected by the horrible manifestations of violence in our society whether touched personally or not.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t last long enough for change to happen. Or we go down a rabbit trail like gun control instead of addressing the real problems:

Ignorance, Inattention, Brokenness.

But unless we listen to the wise words of George Bernard Shaw who said,
“We have some problems that are going to be around a long time unless someone sits down and thinks about them for fifteen minutes,” we aren’t likely to get any real change.


We don’t know what causes it and we just want to control the behavior or the weapons, because that’s what fear does—raises the need for control. We don’t have time to investigate, to address underlying causes.


Or we just don’t want to because it’s messy, expensive, and not politically correct. We would get into other issues we don’t want to deal with like visual violence, or child abuse—Pandora’s Box. Who wants to be the whistle blower on unpopular, ugly, scary covens that make tons of money and have huge lobbies? It’s hard!

Then there is just plain ignorance that comes from happiness.

I’m not sure we are all that happy, but we want to be, and we have raised the collective consciousness enough to know that focusing on ugly doesn’t make it.

But do we know what does?

And are we willing to suit up to protect the innocents? Even for fifteen minutes?

Do parents know that children need boundaries in order to be secure? Do they know that “No” is a more important part of love than saying “Yes”? Or are we so caught up in making them happy that we allow them to make their own entertainment choices and way too much of it?

Do parents know how much children need to be outside playing, using their imaginations and their muscles? Do we know how much they need age-appropriate responsibilities? And that too much power creates stress that is extremely damaging to developing brains? (Saying no is stressful for you but not for them even though it looks and sounds like it).

Do they know how important nutrition is, and even what it is, or how it affects well-being? The First Lady has been trying to make a dent here.

But why do people like Jamie Oliver meet such opposition in trying to educate us nutritionally? Do people love ignorance? Do they think it’s going to cost too much?

I was blessed to grow up with information and an inquisitive mind, but I am amazed in my conversations and observations how many people truly didn’t learn this from their parents and consequently can’t pass it on. It’s not their fault they’re ignorant, but it is their responsibility. So is it the responsibility of those of us who know these things to get the word out.



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