Ignorance Thrives on Inattention

This is the second of a three part series investigating remedies for societal violence causes other than gun control.


The busier our lives get, the more we major in minors to our own detriment and that of society. One small example is health.

So many people are too busy to sleep enough, getting by on four or five hours a night. Or they are propped up by meds because their lives are so out of balance that the stress or lack of hormones keeps them from sleeping.

Others are too busy to prepare and eat life-giving food or exercise. Does it really take that much more time to make healthy food? More than driving through a fast food window, yes! But not much more than making prefabbed packaged meals. And exercise can become family fun or social interaction.

What it does take is attention. It takes thinking and choosing—what kind of health do I want for myself and my family? How do I want to feel? Is it important that my brain works well, and isn’t constantly skating on negativity?

Brain researchers have confirmed that our brains work according to the raw material they have and the thoughts we think, and choices we make.

Too busy to think? Someone else is running your life. Take back your power.

Overwhelmed is such a common feeling today. But it, too, is mostly management. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take ten minutes a day to unwind either at night or in the morning and think about what will matter ten years from now. Ask God to help you see what is important and what can slide or wait. He doesn’t want you to live frantically or stressed.

Exercise has been shown to be as effective as anti-depressants in the short term, and more effective ten months later. Movement creates blood flow which is basic for feeling good.

Another attention problem we have is we don’t want to know, to deal, to feel…the biggest reason is we don’t want to look at ourselves. We are afraid of what we might find. Most of us run scared from our own truth. If we would face it, we would see that it usually isn’t that bad.

My clients are afraid to look at themselves and their beliefs, and they are the ones seeking help! That’s how I know everybody is scared to look at their truth.

I was too–until I learned that it’s where the freedom is. Facing your own beliefs is sometimes scary and painful, but it is good, quick pain, and the results far, far, far outweigh living in denial and pretense.

We all want an easier, gentler way, unless we are addicted to drama, chaos, or violence. But the easier, gentler way is the way of facing your truth, taking responsibility for what is important in your life, making choices.

What are you doing today that will make a difference 1000 years from now? (as my daughter likes to say). Do you have a forever perspective? You are wired for it. We were created for much more than suffering.



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