The first two in this series focused on what we don’t know and why we don’t want to know.

This blog is the scariest part–what keeps us in the dark. Do we really know? Or are we just guessing? Is there such a thing as resident evil? Does it really live here with us, in us?

Everyone under seven will tell you that bad things happen because of them, but as we grow up, we grow out of that belief. And hopefully, we don’t fall into the opposite one–evil is just imaginary—in our minds.

It is in our minds, we all have a dark side, but it is much bigger than that—my 40 years of research show evil as resident and rampant on this planet.

We however, were protected, to an extent, by an intervention when evil came to live here. God put a boundary on it. He had to allow it; freedom was the basis of his government, and one of his creation had given it life through choice, starting the drama of questioning God and challenging His goodness and wisdom.

God’s boundary was putting hatred for evil in us: it couldn’t take us over, could only have part of us.* It had to be balanced with good in us, and in our lives, unless we choose it or invest in it. My thinking is 50/50. (That’s because God’s lightbow is 360 degrees, our rainbow is 180 degrees.** It seemed a fitting symbol of goodness.)

So if the people in your life have been evil or given you evil, then God has the right to give you more good.

The rough part here is that parental modeling is the strongest imprint or influence we have, making us familiar with evil. We may think it is normal and invest in it, even like it. That means changing our brains, tweaking our receptors, our likes. So we may receive good and not like it, or think it strange or boring.

If this is what we are dealing with, as I believe, then mindfulness or consciousness is super important. We must be alert to things that look good, feel good, taste good, but aren’t good for us. They often turn into addiction if we aren’t happy, or feel bad about ourselves. Shortcuts and quick fixes are usually not good.

So what helps? Building character through making good choices even when they are hard. Practicing doing the right thing, even if it is tough love. Freedom does have boundaries.

But we can’t legislate it, if it takes away people’s freedom to choose. God doesn’t even do that.

When freedom is gone, and deception reigns, the experience will be complete. God will intervene again. This time evil will try to take His throne and will be consumed—forever ashes.

*Genesis 3:15, **Revelation 4:3 (This perspective is based on an understanding of Judeo-Christian scripture.)


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