You are what you Think

This is a perspective on how easily we slip into negativity. During my meditation time this morning, I had a question in my mind, which went into a worry, which proceeded to a dark memory before I realized what had happened.

Startled, I thought How did I get here?

I retraced my thoughts and saw. I was actually surprised at how quick and easy the path to negativity had been. It wasn’t a memory that needed healing. I’m used to that and know to turn it for good. It was a memory of a movie I had unwittingly seen.

I was reminded of the other day. My husband had brought home a favorite indulgence–pineapple coconut scones from Janene’s in Santa Barbara. They aren’t horrible like “red velvet” confections, but are white flour and dairy, which I usually don’t eat.

So the next day I saw one under the cake cover when I came into the kitchen for lunch, and I ate half of one. After that nothing else sounded or looked good.

I remembered my mom saying “You’ll ruin your dinner…” if we wanted  something sweet, surprised how quickly my taste was perverted.

I don’t know if mom’s say that anymore, but I doubt very much if we think or talk about ruining our minds.

How quickly it happens to our thoughts, without a thought.

I’m aware of this. I teach it, I practice it, and in two minutes I had done it. I’m not saying I ruined my mind or even my day, but if I hadn’t recognized it and caught it, I could have.

I have ruined days and weeks with lesser negativities. This one descended to a dark place so quickly that it shouted at me. Also I was in God’s presence on purpose, so it was evident.

I doubt most of us realize how important mind control is: US controlling OUR minds–so something else can’t.

Since I’m paid to think about these things, and most of you aren’t, I wanted to share it with you.

What we focus on grows. We do become what we think about. Our perception becomes our reality.


PS. I just read this to my husband and he said “That’s a bunch of crap!” I  obviously stepped on his sacred toes! If I’ve stepped on yours, I hope you still get it. He wouldn’t tell me if he did, but he liked it and laughed.


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