Guest Post by Suzanna Bair–5 Steps to Celebrate Your Life

I learned breathing meditation from my friends Suzanna and Puran Bair. She had an article in the Huffington Post this week! And here it is…


The attitude of celebrating your life is healthy, both physically and emotionally. Not only that, but upbeat people attract other upbeat people, so by changing your attitude, you can set in motion positive reinforcement for a new and improved outlook. How great is your life already? Ask your heart. Your mind will tell you what you lack, which in turn will make you miserable. Your heart, however, will say, “Everything is perfect, just as it is. Let’s celebrate!” To access this heart-driven attitude, become aware of how much there is to appreciate, right now. These five steps will help:

1. Appreciate your friends.
Your friends are the dancing arms of your heart. Relationships are everywhere, and chances are that you have friends in your life. Consider the qualities you appreciate in your friends and take a moment to savor their gifts in your life. Since these individuals are connected with you, they may share your attributes. Take a moment to appreciate your own qualities too. Through acknowledging and celebrating your friends, you take the first step in knowing how fortunate you are.

2. Party frequently.
We typically throw parties for birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, graduations, and job promotions. How much farther can you go in appreciating the favorable circumstances of your life? Consider throwing a party in celebration of your body parts that still work well, or having a toast in honor of cleaning your house. Take nothing for granted, give yourself permission to get silly, and indulge the celebration mindset.

3. Honor your metamorphosis.
The first two steps are the easy ones; everyone can learn to appreciate the fun stuff. To go farther in recognizing the greatness of your life, you need to dig a little deeper — into areas you might not have considered. Take a moment to honor that which has made you great, even if it involved painful challenges, like a difficult childhood. Struggling through difficulties can be a fast track to developing resilience and compassion. Acknowledge and celebrate whatever qualities you have cultivated through your struggles.

4. Rejoice in your growing pains.
Look at the unfavorable circumstances of your life as being the seeds of your future greatness. How wonderful that your life has provided stimulus for more growth! Without this stimulus, you might simply plateau. Imagine how great you will be once you have resolved your current challenges and see yourself in training for that greatness — like an Olympic champion. Practice gratitude for the demands of your metaphysical workout.

5. Celebrate your shortcomings.
When you can celebrate your faults and failures, you truly have embraced your great life. See your faults as reflections of your archetype. Highly-intelligent people, for example, may be absentminded, socially-awkward, and fashion-impaired. Their shortcomings simply verify their strength and focus. Perhaps you are a king or queen archetype. If so, you may have shortcomings like being a control freak or stubborn. Regardless, majesty is a great quality. If you have the faults of a queen or king, you just might have their greatness too.

So go ahead: Whoever you are, whatever you have endured, and wherever you are heading, take a moment to savor your life and bask in how great it all truly is. If you appreciate your friends, party frequently, honor your metamorphosis, rejoice in your growing pains and celebrate your shortcomings, you will have entered the space of the invincible heart.

For more by Susanna Bair, click here.


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