Real Men — My daughters message to her 3 boys–too good to miss

You must hear my heart, because someday you will be Real men…
There are very few Real men.
devastating shortage on this broken, spinning orb.
They’ve forgotten how to fight. Forgotten their Warrior Heritage and accepted a life of resignation and passivity.
Living in a prison of their brokenness, tormented by the enemy that seeks to steal their Strength. Breaking their Warrior hearts into shattered pieces.
And it’s not their fault. They just don’t know who they are. They are victims of generations of silence. No one whispered of the Warrior deep within them, the Hero they were each Created to be. No one spoke Life into their brokenness and gave them a noble battle to fight. Taught them to fight, fought for them. Told them they could fight. They are worth it.
I want you to know who you are. Whose you are.
Your hearts began to beat deep within me. These tiny buds of the men you will someday become.
I want you to know what a Real man looks like. The image you bear in your small Warrior hearts.
Real man knows Strength is only found in his Heavenly Father’s heart. 
You will not find your Strength anywhere else. And you must find it. So seek Him always first. Always.
Real man fights to protect his Strength at all costs. The only place to keep it safely is in God’s hands.  And everything in this decaying world will try and take it from you.
Real man knows that a Carpenter stretched His arms wide and fought the only battle that ever mattered or will matter. And He did it without ever diminishing anyone. And He won. Your strength is for offering, for building up, not for cutting down.
A Real man speaks Grace. Always. Especially to the broken. Because we’re all broken. And labeling the damaged only damages you.
A Real man reaches out and touches those in need. Seeks them out and offers of himself. Giving is always receiving Grace.
People will tell you that strength is merely physical and you will be tested to display it. And there are times when you must fight with your physical strength. God Himself has the heart of a Warrior. The true measure of your Strength is found in knowing whether the fight is a noble one after His heart or when to walk away. A Real man knows when to fight and when to walk away.
There will come a day when you will begin to notice Beauty. Let me tell you now, she is the very treasure of Creation. She will open your life up to the great adventure of love. But she is not the Adventure. And she will never define you or give you your Strength. Only He can do that.
Real man loves a woman with all of his Strength. He is her anchor. He offers protection and stability. He fights for her. He treasures her. Cherishing the delicate beauty she offers.
Love is always active. Real love makes you more.
Real man knows a Real woman when he sees her. And there aren’t many out there. So look carefully. Take your time. Wait on Him.
Real woman does not need you. She only needs God. She wants you because she sees the Value in you and desires to celebrate it. A Real woman will respect and admire you. Her words will make you more. She does not want you to be the adventure, but to share the one she’s already found in Him.
Real woman will speak Life into your heart. She will invite you into Greatness. She doesn’t diminish. She will not break your Strength. She comforts and consistently draws you to His heart.
There is a battle. It is real. You have been given the Authority to fight. And fight you will have to. Because there is an enemy who wants to steal your Joy. Your very Life. But you never have to fear because the battle is already won. Even in the darkness there is always the flicker of Joy.
You are Recklessly Loved by a Lover that will never stop pursuing you. Always turn to Him. Learn to recognize His voice. He will walk with you every step. And carry you when you cannot go on. He is your Strength.
GRATITUDE is everything. Everything Given is Grace. Look for the Grace in everything, even in the darkness. I promise you will find it.
I love you with my whole heart. Yet my love is only a tiny fragment of His.
Cling only to Him. He is more than everything.
“As for Me, this is My covenant with them,” says the Lord. “My Spirit, Who is in you, will not depart from you, and My words I have put in your mouth will always be on your lips, on the lips of your children and on the lips of their descendants-from this time on and forever.” 
 Isaiah 59:21

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