Easter post

Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 1:28 PM

Hope stood still


It’s quiet. No clamor of little voices.The sun is shining. The yard calling to me. My aching body refuses. This illness keeping me still.

I’m laying still. So still I can feel every strand of me twisting.

Hear the ravaged brokenness in my chest beating. And I want to rip it out and throw it at You.

You brush my cheek with Your scarred Hand and Whisper, “I know“.

I think of Your heart lying still in the dark.


And I lay there in the quiet with You. I trace the curves of You with my finger. The blood stained linen. The Flesh mangled and torn. The last of Your breath surrendered. For me.

For one day all Hope stood still. 


The tears slip down my cheeks tracing the blood stains of Your bruised face.

The knots of me unravel. Your Hand smoothing my hair.

You Whisper, “I know“.

My heart is wide open in Your Hands. You scrape the wounds, clean them. Heal them.

Day after day. It’s agony. And it’s Good.

I churn and You Whisper, ” Just wait. Just be Loved.”

Even in the darkness, the searing pain of the fibers in my chest tearing, there is still the flicker of Joy.

My whole life stained with leaving.

Still You pursue me relentlessly. Recklessly.

You will never leave me. Not even in death.

You know agony. You suffered the blackness that I will never suffer. You were alone. 

Your heart broken.

Then the sun rose.

And so did my Hope.

“No one has ever seen or heard of a God like You, who does such deeds for those who put their hope in Him.”  Isaiah 64:4

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