Fear vs. Freedom

I think we have to realize that people aren’t handling themselves well these days. Tolerance will surely go down as fear rises. And the more fear rises, the more people will act out. The more victims, and those affected (all of us), will want security–at the expense of freedom.

But in truth, the freedom of people to be how they want and believe what they want has never been more important.

The more we try to make people be as we think they should be, and believe like we think they should, and demonize them–even in the name of God, the scarier this is all going to get.

As suggested below these aren’t people with serious mental disorders, just people who have been made to think that fighting evil with evil is good.

“People with serious mental disorders, while more likely to commit aggressive acts than the average person, account for only about 4 percent of violent crimes over all.

“The rate is higher when it comes to rampage or serial killings, closer to 20 percent, according to Dr. Michael Stone, a New York forensic psychiatrist who has a database of about 200 mass and serial killers. He has concluded from the records that about 40 were likely to have had paranoid schizophrenia or severe depression or were psychopathic, meaning they were impulsive and remorseless.

“But most mass murders are done by working-class men who’ve been jilted, fired, or otherwise humiliated — and who then undergo a crisis of rage and get out one of the 300 million guns in our country and do their thing,” Dr. Stone said.

“The sort of young, troubled males who seem to psychiatrists most likely to commit school shootings — identified because they have made credible threats — often do not qualify for any diagnosis, experts said. They might have elements of paranoia, of deep resentment, or of narcissism, a grandiose self-regard, that are noticeable but do not add up to any specific “disorder” according to strict criteria.”

Interesting, huh? They aren’t the crazies, just the disgruntled, the stressed-out, the zealots.


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