Guest Post–The Middle–for all of you middle children

My daughter, an only child, became the middle child in our blended family. Now she has three boys. And a divorce will keep him stuck in the middle. But he has enough personality, he may be ok, however they have noticed more need in him with the transition. Big can help, Baby is a baby, Middle has to try harder…

[lovelycrumbs]  the middle

I’m laying arms full of the chocolate-haired, sapphire-eyed Grace in my life.
His velvet cheek pressed against mine, small limbs wrapped around me the very way he has wrapped me up in him his whole five years of life.
His breathing is slowing. Drawing deep. Him slipping away into dreamland.
He’s my Middle. This always-on-the-go, little-bit-wild piece of my heart. I’m laying here arms so Full. Heart overflowing.
I also grew in the middle. 
It can be a tough place to be.
Somehow we tend to notice the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the start and the stop, the top and the bottom. But the middle? Very few people really embrace the middle.
We want to hurry through it. Get where we’re going. Be at the top. Be the first. Or even the last.
And we miss the middle.
As I lay here embracing my Middle, I feel it strong, the Joy of just being in the middle.
Just being.
I may look back someday and even notice that this was, in fact, a beginning. But for now I am happy to embrace the middle and just. be. here.
Because I know that the most Grace is found in the middle. When you notice it. Soak in it. Rest.
My arms are full of the Middle. And I know that the middle is always a Gift.
Always full of surprising Joy.
So, yes, notice your beginnings and endings, your firsts and lasts. They are so very special.
But some of the most amazing Gifts come right in the middle.

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