Military Pay Cuts? How About Congress Taking Pay Cuts?

Last week watching the news, I got so angry I have to rant my perspective.

One channel said that congress was considering military cuts that would affect soldiers as much as losing $225. a month. I said to my husband, “Why don’t the fat cats in Washington cut some of their pensions instead? They’re each worth a million or more anyway.”

Then he flipped to the other channel we watch, and the story there was about a building in Afghanistan built and furnished, but never used. Guess how much it cost? 34 million dollars! And they are planning to blow it up before we leave there because the Afghanies wouldn’t use it. It’s too expensive to maintain.

Now here is a perspective for you: the people who are paid too much to supposedly make laws to protect us, take from those who aren’t paid enough to risk their lives and mental health to actually protect us, so we can live the way we want to and make huge spending blunders for buildings we don’t need and end up destroying at a waste of 34 million dollars!

I am appalled. Is everyone in Washington drinking at work? Or what is going on? Who makes these decisions?

No wonder we can’t balance the budget!

We keep soldiers busy building and then give them practice blowing the building up and take the cost for it out of their paychecks.

How long will it be before nobody wants to be a soldier anymore? They make lousy money, lose themselves or pieces of themselves, suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder serving their country, while the lawmakers of the same country can’t agree on passing laws unless it is to cut the pay of the soldiers!

What in the free world is going on here?

Where are the people who believe in taking responsibility?

When this country started, didn’t congress work at their own expense for the privilege of serving?

They didn’t have fat paychecks, or cushy pensions, or special health benefits. They believed in freedom and a strong military. They weren’t milking the system. They were building it.

Is it this broken?


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