“How can we Protect our Kids?”

I’m so glad to see that yesterday some progress was made in sex-trafficking!

What I wish would happen is that the government would confiscate money from those making it off of the lives and bodies of other humans to at least pay for their therapy.

Do they confiscate money at these busts as in drug busts? Is any put back into restoration?

I’ve worked with some of these people; it’s not easy to mend a life ruined by sexual violence.

Even though I understand that we live in a war with evil, I’m still always surprised at the hideousness and magnitude of it.

Twice in the last two weeks, I’ve been asked, “What can we do to protect our children?”

It is scary and getting scarier.

First, understand your children’s need for a real relationship with you–even if they don’t seem to want it. It will probably surprise you, as it did me, that the worst thing you can do to your children is ignore them.

Be a parent first. Your job, career or your own pain comes second. I know that is hard. It’s why you need support to do this.

Make some rules, like no technology at the table. Yeah, that means someone has to make dinner–but it doesn’t always have to be the parent. The parent just has to be the one to enforce dinner together. It might be awful in the beginning if you haven’t been doing it. But require them to use manners and to have something interesting to bring to the conversation daily. Don’t be harsh, ridicule, or criticize; model a good attitude. Research shows dinner is the most effective one thing you can do to make your family healthier.

Families that go camping together are also shown to be more bonded. It would be good for your stress levels too. Nature is a natural antidepressant. Be fun.

Exercise is too. Studies found it to be as effective as antidepressants, and more effective 10 months later.

Provide healthy food. Keep sugar out of the house. It is a depressant or an over-stimulant–depending on your wiring. It is horrible for your health in so many ways. Don’t waste money on soda. Provide real whole food. Make contests out of who can come up with the best recipe using only healthful food. (Require clean-up.)

Educate your kids that if they eat better they will feel better. (You will feel the difference even quicker.) Resources are at their fingertips–challenge them to find out about a healthy diet and how food affects the brain. (Part of dinner discussions.)

Make sure your kids know that they can come to you with anything and about anything, and you won’t “go off” on them. (Another hard one, but what does it help? It’s just you reacting. If you do, apologize and listen. Comfort and correct.) You won’t be perfect, but at least do it.

Give your kids chores. The worst thing for kids today is that they aren’t needed. Give them jobs and then don’t yell  because they didn’t do it perfectly. Encourage and model, that is how they learn.

The biggest thing is BE THERE. Be involved, be interested in what they are talking about. They all have friends who are going through depressing, crazy, or scary things. They didn’t ask to be born. Take care of them. Teach them. You made them, just don’t worship them or ignore them. You don’t have to be perfect, just be there.


If you can’t be there, get help.

God is always waiting for you to ask. He will guide you to the help you need, but you have to ask.





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