Waiting on God–A God Perspective on Shortcuts

Someone told me about a book last week, God is Never on Time. It’s a great title, a great hook, because we all have felt it.  But after a long conversation with God this morning, I don’t think it’s true. He just has a different perspective. The conversation was the debriefing on yesterday’s anger that really disappointed me. (Disappointed I could still go there, feel that, in a split second.)

I had asked my husband to clean up the flower petals with his shop vacuum because I was running out of time and energy. He agreed, and when I came back, had sprayed them off with water. I was angry because those petals are something I deal with daily. This time of year they are dropping continually and the breeze blows them across the patio. I know that the quick-fix of water just leaves more to come back tomorrow. And tomorrow we are having company (people we barely know). We could have a veritable drift of petals when we get home with guests.

I handled it better than I used to so we bounced through it, but my inner reaction disturbed me. So God used it to teach me why He sometimes takes the long, slow way and we don’t understand. It is now a parable I will remember every time I sweep up petals. He said,

“I want you to ‘get’ that sometimes My way seems long and crazy to you (this is for your daughter too {who is building a relationship the long Spirit-led way which sometimes makes her feel crazy}) but there are reasons you haven’t considered for not taking the quick way–and you can trust that My “crazy” way is better. You must trust that I know what I’m doing and I do have tomorrow’s wind in mind. I know the best way to clean up a mess or bring something about. You can trust Me. I am trustworthy. That’s why Revelation is full of ‘He is worthy.’ I have shown my fidelity by taking the long, hard, ‘crazy’ way for 33 years in your world.”

I replied, “Thank you for explaining it with something I deal with daily.”

He responded, “You are so welcome. Thank you for listening.” 

For those of you who need scriptural support, Jeremiah 29:11-13 is key.


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