Who Wouldn’t? Part 2

So did I inspire anybody to try fasting from negativity? I encourage you to. I’ve had some incredible experiences of joy in the last two weeks!

I’ve also faced that I am way more negative, have way more negative thoughts, than I ever realized. And I thought I was pretty tuned in, pretty aware of myself.

So yes, it is somewhat daunting, but I still highly recommend it. The thing is, you can’t expect perfection. And you can’t get down on yourself if you fail and fail and fail again.  You just say, “Stop!” or “I’m not doing this…” to yourself or God, and you replace it with something positive or something you can be grateful for, like… my laptop is back and I’m writing in my gazebo again to a chorus of bird songs and dappled sunlight, flowers blowing in the breeze. And yes, some of you probably think I should add being grateful to live in California.

I could come up with a negative for you right there, but I won’t 🙂 Just today I decided, again, that I have to be happy where I’m planted until God opens a door to change things. (I’m 3,000 miles away from most of my grandchildren. And my husband refuses to leave California, so I do a lot of flying.)

I have become pretty good at finding things to be happy for here. You see it IS always about perspective. Unless maybe you’re in a dungeon.

And even then, I have it on good authority that God’s presence (if you seek Him or belong to Him) can even fill a dungeon making it bright and beautiful with His presence. And why wouldn’t He? He is everything good, and hates it when we suffer. Though honestly, I really don’t want to find out about the dungeon first hand.

But I love knowing that is who He is. I love believing God is like that. Who wouldn’t? Who doesn’t want to serve a God who is all good with no darkness (no evil) in Him at all. You can believe that, because it is backed by scripture. But to really live believing that, takes a lot of deprogramming for most people. The people we grew up with didn’t know God like that, or at least didn’t show Him like that. Fear is second nature to most of us.

And then a lot of us get tripped up by all the bad stuff that happens. If God doesn’t cause it, who does?

If you’ve read much here you know that is one of my favorite topics–exposing the dark side and the war we are caught in.

And then there is always, “So why doesn’t He stop it?”

Good questions. With good answers, but longer than I can do justice to in one blog.

However, I do have a blog on what God is like–shown through the life of Jesus from a cosmic view. It runs from Easter to Easter, and I invite you to check it out. It will be ending in a few weeks and starting over. http://Godhelps.net/God-in-a-Box

I also have a new ebook out on kindle, Love’s Playbook, that I think gives the best view of what God is like. It’s my fantasy (based on good data) of the story behind our creation. How God dealt with the rise of evil in a perfect creation based on freedom. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IESOQNW



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