Perspective Help, Please!

Thank God the poison ivy didn’t come until my three grandsons I was babysitting went with their dad!

I have been with my daughter in early labor for two weeks. Not our usual great time…

The baby came three days ago, the boys went with their dad for three days, and I am covered with poison ivy! I have it head to toe–even on my ears–and can’t figure out how I got it!

I can’t hold the baby or even help very much, and this morning I woke up with a brand new patch, and the old ones itching til I feel crazy. Nothing I am doing–inside or out seems to be making it go away. I can control the itching for 4 hours at a time, but THEN I can hardly refrain from scratching, or touching it until I get it all covered again. I hate cold showers, but they help!

Clearly it is systemic. Yes, I was stressed; yes, I had lost sleep; yes, I wasn’t eating well; yes, I wasn’t exercising; yes, they have it in their backyard, but I hadn’t touched it that I knew of.

I am trying to be grateful. Thank God they had poison ivy cream; I travel with essential oils, but didn’t bring what I needed.

My daughter had it for two months during her pregnancy, I’ve had it for two days.

While there is a lot I could do here, there is nothing expected.

While I’m crazy when it’s itching, there are long stretches when it isn’t. And I don’t feel sick.

I can’t hold the baby or help much, but I wouldn’t be if I’d gone with my husband to visit our other daughter anyway.

I didn’t get to see our other two grandsons, but they got grandpa, and my daughter is coming here. Plus these boys are gone so no one’s jumping on me at 5:30 a.m. or begging me to play…

I’m sleeping well, can’t hear the baby in my room–with the other three, I woke up when they did, and often couldn’t sleep again.

That helped–it’s quite a long list!

The horrible itching I woke up to is almost gone.

But the poison ivy isn’t going away! It isn’t resolved!

Ah-h, my son-in-law said swimming in a chorinated pool would take it away. His boss has one, their neighbors have one… maybe I’ll get brave enough to ask…

Even chlorine has it’s purpose.

I feel like a leper, but I’m not, and I’m not helpless.

It’s like living on this planet: it’s uncomfortable, and at times seems intolerable, but there is a remedy. And recognizing it starts with gratitude–looking for the good. I’m glad I wrote this. I feel much better.


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