Learning to Love Your Body


Have you figured out that it is really hard to be happy when you don’t feel good? I was thinking health is not about perspective, but actually it is.  When your head aches or your stomach is upset, life doesn’t look good. Your mind doesn’t work well, and perspective is skewed.

On the other hand, remember a time when your body felt good. You felt energetic, like you could do anything you wanted, and your mind went along with it. Dreams came, and you believed you could accomplish them–humming along on a higher frequency–a great way to live.

Wouldn’t you love to feel that way all the time?

You can! It’s a matter of choice. But it is also understanding why you haven’t done this before. What is sabotaging you? Fear of failure? Thinking it’s too hard? Not wanting yucky food? Not knowing what to do or how to start? Afraid to make choices?

Let me walk along side and make it easy. That is what Love Losing is designed to do. It starts with how you think about yourself, your body, your health, your motivation for change.

Here’s the thing. You can’t work well and feel good unless you learn to make good choices. But that doesn’t have to be painful. Change the way you think about food, your weight, your body, your life. Take charge. You can do this!

It’s the difference between being healthy and unhealthy, and health isn’t that hard. It isn’t a drag, it isn’t negative, it isn’t deprivation. And for sure it isn’t starving!

It’s you in control and feeling good. When bodies are treated right they respond–and quickly.

It’s learning to love your body. Learning what it needs and wants to feel good, work well, and be happy.

My book, Love Losing, is an e-book or a physical workbook. It sounds like it’s about losing weight, but it is really about feeling good. It helps you find your “want to”, and helps you make a plan that’s yours, and cover all the bases. You can go as slow or fast as you want. It’s like having your own personal health coach every day you want it. And it will be free next Saturday (11-29) as a download.



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