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If you are relying on the media or the medical system for information on vaccines, you might want to think again. There’s been a change in the last 30 years and I think it’s fear and control driven, spear-headed by big business pharmaceutical companies. The information pipeline is not balanced.

My first inkling that vaccinations might not be all good came 35 years ago when my daughter was born from the doctor who delivered her!

Now I can hardly believe it came from my OB doctor, even then I knew he was an exceptional man and doctor. He didn’t believe in giving infants vaccinations until they were at least a year old, I don’t think she had any until she was 5–his preference.

He felt breast-fed babies were some of the best-protected people on the planet. And now, I quite agree.

The next time I ran into the idea that vaccines were political was 20 years later when I got interested in essential oils. I thought the things I heard about vaccinations were unbelievable. However, I was still wanting to believe that people and governments (at least ours) were truly working for the people on the side of right.

I hadn’t yet fully come to realize how much money and greed run governments, and how they control us through fear. Though, I do believe there are still some good people in government.

Another 15 years has brought more information than I wanted to know about all of the above. I now believe that doctors are largely in the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. It is, after all, the practice of medicine. And they haven’t known much about health. The proliferation of medicines makes it hard for them to know a lot about them. They rely on drug reps and studies–that can be easily tweaked.

And as a therapist I have seen so much misuse of psych meds and meds in general. The floodgates of medicine are open, now that it is big, very big, business.

It makes me sad that we can’t trust the system to truly protect us with good information; that greed would stoop to such levels as using children, and fear of their safety as a marketing tool; that officials can be bought by big business, or that they may be as confused as we are.

But while I’m sad, am I surprised? No. It is another evidence of the war between good and evil. Who can you trust?

I’m fairly aligned with no vaccines, mostly because of people I trust, because both sides can scare you half to death. But one thing I feel sure of: if they start mandating things like this, where will it stop? Fear grows. It creates mass hysteria by people who aren’t informed, or are trusting the wrong people.

If pro choice is so important in other things like infant births, then shouldn’t it be just as important to their health? The bullying by fearful parents is not ok.

My daughter chose not to vaccinate, supported by her pediatrician and I was glad. Now she has began the process because the boys pediatrician won’t see them unless they are. She couldn’t find one who would see them unless they were. I think that borders on bullying. It isn’t pro choice.

I pray for her infant who has had shots, (thank God not all they wanted to give him–6 before 6 months is insane.) Her boys are all so bright; and high intelligence and sensitivity go together; sensitive little developing brains shouldn’t be exposed to the chemicals in shots. Pharmaceutical companies have their secrets too. Investigations have shown that they have poor controls and poor ingredients time and again.

Having said all that, the thing that concerns me most is politicians and media that use fear tactics for control.
We need more education with honesty and openness. There are definitely two sides, and parents should have the choice, they should be educated, not lied to, bullied, and coerced.

Government should be promoting good information like they are with health, not just jumping on a medical bandwagon because it’s easier. We can’t let fear and greed take our freedom.

Bottom line, we can’t protect children from everything bad, even if we legislate about everything. We have to get informed because we are responsible to them and to God to make good choices for them. But choice must be protected.

The following link is a great resource from a physician on the history and effectiveness of vaccines–very readable, very necessary information.


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  1. deirdre goulard

    i agree, and very well worded. Thankfully there is a very untalked about is homeopathic vaccines. wish more ppl would mention it as an option….btw it’s .02% the cost of injectable vaccines….i’m just saying

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