ABC’s for Mental and Spiritual Health

I didn’t get a chance to write a blog this weekend because I was writing a magazine article. So here are my ABC’s to a happier life.


A  Accept what is — your reality won’t get better until you accept it–what you resist persists

B  Breathe–breathing meditation can change your life.

C  Choose to change your thoughts — Brain can only hold one conscious thought at a time

D  Vitamin D from sunshine makes everything feel better — 15 minutes of sun on a large area ( your hammock) will give you what you need.

E  Exercise is so important for circulation. Moving blood makes you healthy. Doing something you like is best, 20-30 minutes 5 days a week will make a difference.

F  Fun — especially if it’s active — is necessary and bonding. Maybe you think gardening is fun, maybe walking or tennis or running. But even if it’s sedentary, do something you like to do.

G  God is all about feeling good, but not cheap pretend feel-goods that make you feel worse afterward.

H  Health is happiness because when your body is happy, you are.

I   Interrupt negative habits and thought patterns.

J  Joy has been found to be the single best healer for trauma. What is it? Mostly it comes from God or acceptance–doing something for someone else–knowing you are loved.

K  Kindness makes you feel better. And if you give it, you are more likely to get it.

L  Love is of course one of the happy makers.  Focus on all the forms of love that are available to you. Don’t settle for counterfeits.

M  Meditation can be time with God just breathing, it calms and soothes, and the busier you are, the more you need it.

N  New–try new things, especially if they don’t cost money.

O  Openness — let people know who you are.

P  Play and pray  are both important activities for happiness.

Q  Quit things that hurt you and make your body feel bad.

R  Rest! Be sure you get at LEAST 6 hours of sleep at night–7.5 is better :).

S  Smile because it makes you feel better, and everyone around you. It communicates love and acceptance.

T  Trust people who are trustworthy. If you don’t have any in your life, get your trust issues healed, and then trust God until you can find some.

U  Use what you have.

V  Velcro your brain to hold good. It takes 10-30 seconds to anchor a thought. Notice and savor the good in your life–breezes, flavors, beauty, smells, sights, sounds…

W  Welcome God’s Spirit into your life every morning.

X  is for canceling negative thoughts.  One negative thought activates CRH which then activates ACTH. The first causes worry, the last causes fear.

Y  Yell on paper instead of at your kids or spouse etc.

Z  Zip your mouth shut when you want to be negative.



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2 responses to “ABC’s for Mental and Spiritual Health

  1. richdubose

    Love it Carla. Could we reprint this in our Answers For Me website? I think it would be well received.

    Courage –Rich

    Pacific Union Conference Westlake Village, California

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