Living in Gray

I love sunrise! Gray light is ok, you can still see colors, but they’re nothing like the colors that come when the sun hits the world.

Reminds me of us, we “see” well-enough to get around, but nothing like what we could see. We settle for living in lies we’ve been sold or told ourselves.

Have you ever noticed how easily we get the proverbial cart before the horse? We turn things around so easily. For example, if we say happiness is the truth it sounds good and many agree with it. But if we say happiness comes from truth it isn’t quite so catchy an idea.

And yet the latter is the truth. Happiness is a by-product. Doing, thinking, or believing the right things result in happiness. Our constitution guarantees us the right to pursue happiness–an impossibility pointed out years ago by a Frenchman named Alexis du’ Tocqueville, who rightly observed that happiness by its nature can’t be pursued because it is a by-product of your thinking and doing.

However, we have lived to prove him wrong–it’s our new national pastime. Not that it works, but we are in constant pursuit of happiness, it’s our right! But it has come to be a scary proposition just because people don’t understand the nature of it. Pursuing happiness turns into pursuing a feel-good, and so easily takes us to addiction.

I’m not even talking about heroin or alcohol; they’re bad, but nothing like the more insidious forms we aren’t so afraid of like weed or porn. Or get even more light and you have some really serious addictions like food which can ruin your health, especially sugar–which totally clouds your brain. I think it was Einstein who said sugar is to your brain like sand is to ball-bearings! That says it all, well almost–an abundance ruins just about every other organ as well.

Or maybe you fight the one I fight: worry.

Worry is crazy for me. I have nothing to worry about. My life is so good I should be floating in love and laughter continually. And worry doesn’t improve or change anything. It only uses up your energy. I didn’t even realize I had this habit until recently. It was so much a part of my thinking I didn’t even notice.

Where do we get programmed with such fear? Is it temperament? Is it media? Maybe my work? After 25 years of doing therapy I know too much? I’ve heard too much?

I don’t think so. Because it’s not uncommon. We’ve all seen, heard, and experienced enough to be afraid. So is it ignorant not to be?

You’re not going to like this, but I think it’s a choice. I think it’s based on the truth or the perspective you subscribe to. If you believe life is bad and bad things are going to happen, you’ll worry, and they probably will. But if you believe God is all good and will have the final word, loving all who respond beyond their greatest need and imagination, redeeming their lives in suffering, you can stop worrying. But you may have to practice. Old habits die hard.


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