A Love Loan

This isn’t a financial loan from someone who loves you. This is for those times when you are running on a deficit, have nothing to give, or like I was last week–sleep-deprived, had two hours, and a busy day with the kids and grandkids coming.

So I curled up in God’s lap and asked Him for a love loan. I had never even thought of it before, but when I’m tired…love can get thin. It turned out to be a really good day.

And that night I slept only 3 hours, before I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep! Good new is, I didn’t panic. I asked again and had a good day, even the evening was good at a wedding party!

Only God can give a love loan like that!

It makes me think of what I missed last weekend with my other grandkids. The middle one–the wild card–got baptized. He’s only 7, but he wanted to get baptized last year when his older brother did. My daughter thought he was too young and told him to wait.

When she told me about it I just said I’d wanted to get baptized at 8, and they made me wait until I was 9. When their pastor  announced they would be having another, she decided to let him.

He’s gotten himself in some crazy situations since he first asked to be baptized, and I’m wondering if she wasn’t thinking better get the Holy Spirit inside to help him out. I was thinking that, but we hadn’t talked about it. Not that God isn’t always trying to help, but if you have given yourself to Him (Them). They take it seriously. You now belong to Them. Some personalities need it earlier in life than others.

When I saw the pictures and thought about it, I thought baptism is kind of a love loan too. We make a choice and then God takes up residence by breathing Their life, Their energy, Their attitudes, Their love inside us–Father, Son, and Spirit. Of course the Spirit is the one doing the work, but we receive from all three of Them. It’s a loan of Their love until we can grow into our own.

Some of us are just naturally more loving than others. Some of us have more loving temperaments–loving comes easier to these people. Some of us had better models–parental modeling is the strongest influence next to God. And some of us were more open to those around us–we received more love from parents and others.

And some of our parents made better choices and we had better environments. However, evil gets to us here, even if we don’t have as much outside of us, we find it’s inside us. So everyone needs a love loan, and God is always happy to help. Their supply is inexhaustible. But it’s never forced on us. We have to ask.

To learn more about God visit my website http://Godhelps.net–especially the God-in-a-Box Blog. It walks you through Jesus life from a cosmic perspective in one year–from Easter to Easter.



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