Does History Matter?

This is one of those days, like the day JFK was shot, that everyone remembers where they were when they heard about the attack on the twin towers. I can even remember how I felt and what I thought two days later listening to the news. Will this change life from now on?

Fourteen years later, a lot has changed in the world, but probably not a lot in your world if you live in America. It seems like a good thing, but is it?

I think it was Roosevelt that said, those who don’t understand history are condemned to repeat it. It may not be verbatim, hence no quotes. But for awhile after that, people were thoughtful about what really mattered. It even caused some people to reorder their priorities–at least for a while.

Did it change your perspective or behavior?

My friend sent me a blog on media overload. It’s hard to live with so much input when the world seems to be coming apart in so many places for so many people. It can put you in fear or make you calloused. So many people’s lives are being threatened by dictators or hostile predators. Even the weather is getting more wild and extreme, threatening and changing life. Is it irresponsible or healthy to turn it off?

Is there really anything to understand?

One of my favorite things is understanding history through scripture. It is why I’m writing my new series Love’s Playbook–the Bible from a cosmic perspective. (Another will be out next month.) One thing that has impressed me lately is how God works through events–sometimes horrible ones. No He doesn’t cause them. But He uses them. And if we trust Him, He can turn it into good. But it takes real trust, and sometimes real time. He works slowly, it seems to us, but that’s because what He is doing is so much bigger than we imagine.

Just try to imagine 200 billion galaxies; it’s freaky to our brains. The scope is so huge, it can overwhelm us. But that is exactly where it gets exciting to me. With that kind of size and order, there has to be something important to understand. And I think scripture makes a great case for understanding the kind of being God is. It says He is all good–“no darkness at all.” Is that hard to believe in light of what is happening? Evil seems to be getting more intense.

I think it is part of the plan. As I understand it, God is going to step back and back and back, and let evil have more and more power. Why would He do that? Just so those who don’t have time for God, or don’t want to be concerned with Him, can see what their options are. When He is caring  and kind and protective, we tend to put very little effort into knowing Him.

But God has been challenged on his character. Is He fit to rule? This whole war between good and evil fills the universe, but centers here. He has put Himself on trial, and recorded it for our benefit, but unless we see events from that perspective, we could blame Him and grow cold and angry.

So yeah, understanding history does matter–making or breaking your perspective of God. He will always leave hooks to hang doubt on–that protects our freedom. We get to choose our paths–our priorities. I’ve said good choices make a good life, and it’s also true that good choices reveal a good God. Everyone gets to choose.




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  1. richdubose

    This is great Arla. I would love to be able to republish this in our Answers For Me website. Would that be possible? –Rich

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