Worth It

This morning in my small group we were talking about self-perception and growing in self-acceptance of our brokenness. All the parents and one would-be parent shared that they believed there is just no way to not mess up a child–given life, evil, your own issues and baggage–just no way. I shared with them what I had shared with you last week.

Then I was able to share the ending–which I love.

My daughter had said we’d talk the next day (Friday) but we didn’t, except the little boys called to facetime a few minutes. We usually don’t talk on the weekends, but I thought maybe. No call. I was sure she’d call on Monday. No.

I asked God if I could text her and heard, “Wait.”

By Tuesday morning God said I could text, so I was smart and asked what I should send. This went: “When you’re ready I’m here. Just wanted to say I edited my blog for balance before posting–would like to see if it feels better. You look and sound happy! (facebook) Grateful for that.”

I got a text right back, “I’m not avoiding you, just crazy busy…” And about an hour later she called. Didn’t talk about us but it was good. She even admitted being like me in the things she doesn’t like.

I also got a text about the blog which said she thought it needed another sentence. I told her to go for it. And she sent one. To which I responded “You help make my wrongs right.”

And then I got this, that warmed my heart and made it all worth it, “Well you’ve taught me that, the way He is. It’s the only thing I want to give them.” (her boys)

So no, you can’t raise a child perfectly–no such thing–my mother tried. And I even wanted to comply. But the good thing I got from her, I was able to pass on–a real relationship with God. To me that is what it’s all about. That’s good enough.


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