Celebrating Beginnings

Today is a day of celebration! After I finish this I’m going to make some no-sugar coconut and fresh raspberry ice cream. Yum!

I finished and sent off the digital book that marks the first commitment to my new series. It’s not the first book of the series; that is already out.

It was written as the last chapter of my first book on losing yourself–addressing why we suffer. Then someone said I should publish it on its own, and I loved the idea. Love’s Playbook is my favorite thing I’ve Playbook Cover 1000 RGB 01ever written, and most of it was written in one 7 1/2 hour sitting that I thought was about 2 1/2 hours! I think it was inspired!

Then somehow came the idea to continue that story and write a version of scripture from a female therapist’s perspective. One that makes God look all good as scripture asserts that He is.

That’s no light undertaking. So I took a year and wrote a book on health, and let the idea digest to see what would become of it.

The more I thought and talked to God about it, the more excited I got, and in January I started… A few months ago I decided to split Genesis into two parts–there is a lot to it, and I don’t want the books to be too long. I trusted it to my sisters and some friends, who I knew would be honest, and kept writing. The feedback was positive and Thursday it came out. Playbook Cover 1000 RGB 02Yesterday it needed some tweaking, and now it’s done! The ebook is out–paper copy will be out next week!

~And the good news is, book 3 is over half-done. But the best news is that I love doing it. It has brought so much happiness and dimension to my life, that even if no one ever read it, it would be worth it. Most of the time it’s like I’m there, seeing it as a movie while I’m writing. I believe it is the first interpretive version that has been written for adults. I take all the liberty Ruach gives (that’s Hebrew for Holy Spirit), and I love working with Him. If you have a better subtitle for book 3, please let me know!Playbook Cover 1000 RGB 03

Someone (De’ Vinci? Picasso?) said find something you love to do and you will never work another day. It’s true. I look forward to my writing time every day, even in the hard parts–like the flood.

Besides thanking God for this work, this idea of seeing Him with an all-good perspective; I have to thank my husband, too, because I couldn’t work and write and do other things without all of his help. He has definitely become my “help-mate.” Thanks Babe!

Last night he and I celebrated by just sitting in our living room and talking for an hour–no TV, no technology, just he and I talking. It was wonderful. I don’t remember the last time we did that.

So if you’ve wanted to read the Bible and struggled, check out the series Love’s Playbook, only the subtitles change. There will be more to come for a long time, God willing.







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