Obama Trumped?

~Soft? Too easy on atrocities? A police state would be an atrocity, where fear dictates that government knows every move we make and every motive we have. Was Obama Trumped? I don’t think so.

People want strong leadership, but Obama’s “Don’t let this affect the way you look at and treat others, especially Muslims; we must treat everyone as God’s” (not an exact quote, but what I remember) is actually stronger than, “We should stop every Muslim from entering the U.S.” (again not exact) because it appeals to reason and not fear. Freedom is not easy to preside over.

God could easily have a police state, but He doesn’t, and He could. He has the power. He knows every move and motive, and yet what does He do? He gives us freedom to develop, to choose good or evil, to decide to live or die forever. So I’m guessing it takes a lot more strength to govern freedom than to dictate.

Freedom requires risk and personal responsibility. And sometimes it gets painful and messy. When we are in pain because of someone else’s choices, we want justice, somebody stronger to do something. Nobody wants to be a victim. But everyone of us is a victim of evil–inside and outside.

What concerns me is the choices we make. Choices are critical. When violence becomes entertainment, it’s easy for victimized people to take that path. And I don’t know about your house, but there is an awfully lot of violence on the screens in this country. We become what we watch, but especially if we enjoy it.

And yes, I think it’s crazy that anybody can buy an assault weapon. But I think it’s crazier that nobody lobbies against violence. That no one seems to get energized over how much violence our kids watch. Many of them exposed to it in their homes, and not on a screen! Many of them are recipients of violence. But nobody is campaigning against child abuse. Whose platform includes teaching how to make good choices?

If you enjoy violence, will you choose good forever?

In my devotional this morning was this, “Only what is done in Love lasts, for God is love, and only the work of God remains.” (God calling, 11-22)


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