Big Picture Perspective

I snuggled down into my pillow confident of drifting off, but my husband got up and turned on the bathroom light to brush his teeth. I was on the back edge of my sleep window, and five minutes later I was wide awake. Oddly, I wasn’t irritated, I just got up and decided to start this. That was different. Things are changing!

I’ve been thinking about how hard it is to change patterns of thinking and doing. Habits are one thing, you are conscious of them so you can choose, but many things have to become conscious first. For example, I’m convinced none of us hear ourselves. Our feelings and words match so we don’t notice how sharp or shaming we sound. I’ve talked about this before.

But now I’m writing a story about early beliefs about God and the research is very interesting! Fairly often I disagree with the commentators, even though we are all since Jesus–the greatest window on God.

You’ve probably heard me say that I am writing the first interpretive version of the Bible. I’ve just started the book of Job. It’s the next book in the Love’s Playbook series, instead of Exodus, because God kept bringing it to mind, and Biblical scholarship mostly agrees it is the oldest book and likely the first one Moses wrote. He was, no doubt, trying to figure out what had gone wrong in his own perception of life–his programming and his mission.

That makes total sense to me, because had Job been first, or second, in the Bible, we would have understood a lot of things we struggle to understand now. Let me give you the list from the introduction to Perception is Everything.

1) The problem of suffering in a world created by a loving God,
2) The dramatic setting of war we were created into,
3) The representative councils outside of our world,
4) Who is responsible for evil and suffering,
5) The controversy between God and Satan, our adversary,
6) How religion has served to confuse us and give us false beliefs.

Quite a list, huh? But I love digging into this kind of stuff. To me everything has to fit together like a puzzle. It all has to make sense, and make a clear and true picture of God from every angle, looking down every lens. It’s like being a detective about God.

Although, truly, the only way you can really know what God is like is in relationship with Him (Them–one God in three persons). If you don’t experience Him as your Daddy who is crazy about you, you can’t make sense of the rest. No wonder Jesus favorite topic was the fatherhood of God. If you haven’t had a good father, ask Abba to be your father. (my nickname for Eloah–it means Daddy and Jesus used it. Psalm 27:10) You’ll be delighted with Him. I have.


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