Pure Delight

I feel so sorry for people who are still in winter! Two weeks ago the orange blossoms were intoxicating! This week our back yard garden is a profusion of color that burst out this week.

And I feel so gifted to love gardening! This week I had the most beautiful mornings out working, getting it ready to share it this weekend. Did you know gardening is one of the best exercise programs there is. It surprised the researchers!

So one morning in particular, I got up, got dressed and went out and weeded my hillside for looks–not crazily–(to get every bit of grass etc.) The sun was perfect, the breeze was perfect, and I was talking to my best friend, Ruach (that’s Hebrew for Holy Spirit, and I like it because it’s short and strong sounding. That ch sounds like a k). You should try talking with Him at a time like that, He is so funny and sweet, and He knows me so well; it’s an amazing thing. The day before He was comparing His care for me with the way I was with my plants–very affirming.

It was challenging to step carefully so as not to crush flowers, and keep my balance on the steep incline–a real workout with lots of stretching. But it was only for an hour, so the only soreness was little-used muscles the next day. As my hands would get full I would have to find my way down the hill to the trash can and run the last two steps–what fun! It was like being a kid again.

I turned around and looked at my work and said, “It’s beautiful; this is an amazing morning, it must be what heaven is like!” I think I heard Him laugh (inside my head of course) and say, “It is, only better! Just wait!”

“I can’t wait!” I answered. Add that to the sun, the breeze the brilliant colors and the Mockingbird singing–pure delight!

But in remembering it, the beauty was life-giving, but the best part was the feeling of wellbeing, more precisely being loved.

I sincerely hope you get an experience like it sometime. It might become one of your best memories as it has mine.


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