Healing is a Process

I’ve finished writing the book of Job! Of course the rewriting is the hardest part, but I just have to celebrate that I got through the first draft.

It’s a heavy book, but it has been very exciting to dig up all kinds of little details (like he was married to Jacob’s daughter) that put it in a context, and make it even richer than the problem of suffering. That is only the biggest, oldest question around–Why do we suffer if there is a loving God?  It’s really about your concept of God, and the question–What is God like?

The question of its authorship has also made it so meaningful to me. In the beginning I wasn’t convinced it was Moses. But I am now. And that really makes it rich. Especially because I’ll be writing Moses life next!

I’m hoping to have it out by the first of July. Maybe I’ll even put a preorder special on this one! It is a greatly condensed and simplified version for easy reading.

This is a gentle day. I’d call it a lazy day, but it is purposefully lazy so I’m calling it gentle. It’s overcast and I haven’t even gone outside. It’s June and I have a fire in the fireplace! Crazy. But then the last five weeks have been pretty crazy. I’ve been going so hard that I get antsy when I sit around. The week after my husband’s surgery I had a spiritual retreat scheduled at my house. I think that week I just ran on corticosteroids (the kind your body makes for stress). I didn’t feel stressed, just busy, and did I ever sleep that week!

God showed up and made it a great retreat. But the next week I was so tired, I walked around in circles in a fog. My body called off the dogs (the steroids) and I don’t ever remember being so tired for so many days. My husband thinks its funny that I went into the grocery store and could only buy the things that were in the front because I was too tired to walk any further.

This has been a really good experience for us–very bonding–and we haven’t had any big fights–even though he fired me for two days. It gave me some much needed rest, and in two days he was humble and ready to be taken care of again. It’s not easy to be recovering from major surgery. I can’t believe I was on crutches for 5 months ten years ago! Thank God my daughter and son-in-law were living with us then.

So these are just ramblings of post crisis. It takes time to come back to status quo. If you are recovering from anything–besides life–give yourself time and be gentle, while you maintain little disciplines. Don’t expect to heal overnight–miracles happen–but it’s usually a process. That’s what I keep telling my husband.


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