An Early Christmas Present

Last Friday, my husband walked in with a new light fixture for our master bathroom, or so he thought. It turned out to be an early Christmas present to me from Jesus! And two bathrooms got new fixtures.
A year and a half ago, he found a light fixture he liked on sale, and proceeded to install it in the main bathroom to surprise me. But it was brass and heavy, and since he was doing it by himself, he dropped it and it broke the sink! I know, I couldn’t believe it, either. And so started a partial remodel.
We soon had to ask God for help because our idea of a new sink and vanity was getting expensive. The old vanity was built to fit. He gave us a great idea and it all worked out, but since we changed faucets (we upgraded to nickel and then changed the towel racks etc.) I wanted to switch the light to the master bath where it would match. (And it desperately needed a new light too.) He wouldn’t hear of it, and I finally had to give up.

But guess what the finish on the light he just bought was! Yep! It was nickel, and I was able to talk him into putting it in the main bath (where it matched) and move the brass one to ours (where it matched).  That he agreed was surely God too! It made a lot more work, but I helped and we actually worked well together. Now they both look great!

When I compare our relationship this year with where we were at this time last year, what a difference! Last year at this time, he wanted a divorce and it took God till New Years to turn it around. But we are better than ever, and God has been so gracious to us. He has mellowed both of us, healing my fear of love and Richard’s lie that I wasn’t capable of love.

He took us through Richard’s blood clot surgery in May, reminding my husband of the VA hospital in Loma Linda, so we wouldn’t have to wait all night at the L.A. one. I got to stay with my friend who lives three blocks from there!

We did miss our May trip to North Carolina but had a fabulous one in October, celebrating Richard’s birthday there! His daughter took us to the Biltmore for the day and treated us royally. So fun! My daughter took us camping in the mountains. It was great! Plus he was good enough to let me to go with my sisters to K.C. and Arkansas in September.

He was even sufficiently recovered to have our grandkids for two weeks in August. AND they just came again yesterday for a week! So our blessings are overflowing. We love having them.

Here’s to the sweet presence of the God who makes life work out, who fills us with love just for the asking, and gives us gifts continually if our eyes are open to see them. May you know that generous, loving, fulfilling, all-good God, if you don’t now. I’m writing Love’s Playbook to capture that Essence, am now in the 5th book which comes out in January.
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