Teachability Trumps Passion

Did you watch President Trump’s inaugural speech? It was the best speech he’s given. No, it wasn’t Obama’s beautiful farewell, an optimistic call to do the hard work of democracy, but it was strong in promise and passion for the downtrodden. I hope our new president knows what he is up against. Walking is a lot harder than talking, especially when you are bucking the system and need to carry the people with you.

Moses discovered that! He was a brilliant leader and yet he needed 40 years of time alone with God, questioning everything, to get ready. We can only pray that President Trump will recognize his need of Divine help and open himself to receiving it. I was impressed to pray for him the morning of the inauguration–the first time I’ve been impressed to pray for a president that I can remember. It is easy for a successful, strong man to run rough shod over everyone. But I am encouraged by the words of people who know him well. They say he is real and teachable.

Teachability is so under-rated. It is one of the attributes most prized by infinite wisdom, but on this planet it fights with fear. What will they think? How will I look? Will I seem weak? Will they think I’m a coward? What if they think I don’t know what I’m talking about?

On the other hand it fights with over-confidence. They don’t know what they’re talking about! These people don’t have a clue. Do I really have to listen to this? If these people weren’t so afraid of taking a risk!

This is going to be a real learning experience for the president. He is going to have to lead a group of good thinkers who are well-versed in their areas–hopefully he has had experience with taking advice and realizing that other people have more knowledge than he does. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t gotten this far without that. But he did make some pretty outlandish promises.

Humility is knowing what you don’t know. He isn’t known for that, hasn’t shown us much, but hopefully he has some. It is really just another word for teachability.

Again, I think of Moses because I’m writing about him. He is called “the meekest man on earth” but he was highly passionate. So the two do go together. I’m thinking of sub-titling this book The Advantage of Weakness, because Moses was highly skilled and very bright, but the education he most needed, the advantage God took 40 years to give him, was learning to listen to God. The most important humility is dependence on God.


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