I was going to make this about human connection because I saw two darling little boys between 2 and 3 in the DMV this week, so I’ll start with them and end with my new thrill, because these guys were too cute.

They obviously didn’t know each other. One was doing a special run-step around the empty chairs in a superman cape and had dark hair almost to his shoulders.

The other had dark eyes and hair also, but his was shaved just to the top. He was watching the one running in the cape, his eyes smiling and eager, his face open and full of admiration. And that was all it took.

The superman ran up and the other one fell in step behind him without a word, and in two minutes they were seeing which one could jump highest by the wall and having a great time. Connections are so easy at that age! If it only stayed that way–the openness, the willingness to engage and be friends, to believe in goodness.

That’s a good segue to the second half–it’s about openness too. My husband happened upon a documentary on Exodus–Netflix– and I caught bits of it. Since I’m finishing Exodus next week, I was intrigued, and yesterday the rain gave us an excuse to sit down and watch it. Twice! It was amazing. I highly recommend it.

It was made by Timothy Mahoney, a filmmaker. He became obsessed with wondering why there was no evidence that the exodus ever happened, reasoning that if it did, there should be some sign of it. Was it true or not? Was there truly no foundation for Judaism or Christianity? Were they based on a myth?

He decided to find out, and made several trips to Egypt and talked to archaeologists, Egyptologists, Biblical scholars, historians, and not just a few, over more than ten years.  And what he found out will amaze you.

I was thrilled with it, but I can’t say I was surprised, because writing Exodus as a story requires some research, and I had already discovered that the Pharaoh Ramses, had changed the name of Tanis to his name 200 years after the exodus. So when Mahoney started off with the verse of scripture that archeologists had used to set the date of the exodus in the time of Ramses, I already knew they were wrong. Didn’t they know he had changed the city’s name? I guess not. How did my commentators know, if they didn’t?

In the film, archeologists have found a town called Avaris underneath Ramses, (so the name Tanis (or Zoan) was changed by the Hyksos), but the mountain of evidence he uncovered, just by starting with the Biblical date 200 years before Ramses is staggering. It isn’t accepted by archeologists because Egypt’s chronology is already set–in stone, apparently. If you have any interest in how the dark side keeps truth from coming out, just by one word that was changed in a sacred text to fit the times, and loyalty to scholarship and cronyism rather than  open-minded concern for truth, you will be fascinated.

The name of it is Patterns Evidence Exodus, by Timothy Mahoney, and it is very well done. We found it on Netflix. Enjoy.



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