What is God Really Like?

I found out last week that a dream has come true, and at first I was so excited!  I learned I am speaking for the “Character of God Conference” in Southern California in October. But now I’m getting writers’ block. I almost never have writers’ block!

But I couldn’t even think of anything to write here! There is a push towards getting nervous, but I refuse, because God told me, “Just rest for a while,” when I kept asking Him what should I talk about?

The dark side is trying to get in there with all their what-if’s and fears and sneers and blanking. But I know they are liars and want to steal the joy from both the anticipation and the event. In the strength God provides, I won’t let them. I choose to be confident and hold onto the excitement. Fear isn’t going to help me choose a topic or write well anyway!

So help me by responding. What would you want to hear about if you were attending a conference on the character of God? This may be a moot point; but I haven’t heard yet that they have assigned a topic, so I’m assuming it is up to me and God. Here are things I feel qualified to talk about: 1)Luke 9:24-26–Does God want us to Give up a Self?; 2) God’s Wrath–What is it?; 3) Learning About God from Balaam–It is not a cute children’s story about a talking donkey! 4) Why does the Bible Scare and Confuse Us?

I would love to hear from you! (My husband’s vote is for Balaam.)


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  1. Barbara

    Hmmm… maybe you can get there from here, but why not a direct route? Why have you written your books? Why is the Holy Spirit inspiring you to write them? Why does He want to be accessible, and more so, intimate. How do you become intimate with anyone? And why would you want to? How has God been presented to you in the past that kept you from an intimate relationship with Him in the past? How did you move beyond that barrier? Was it instant or did the evidence for trust develop, and how did it develop? Why did it develop? Where in life do we find our intimate relationships? Are there any correlations between what makes these relationships intimate and an intimate relationship with God? If you behave in your intimate relationships the way God was presented to you in the past, would they continue or or stop making sense, destroy trust, ruin “worthiness”. Is being worthy something that even exists between a parent and child relationship? Could that ever build a bond? How does family intimacy even form? Are those things necessary in order to form a family intimacy with our Abba God? Can those things be found in scripture? Does God express them there? Are they found in claims or story, or both? Did your big brother, Jesus, have to die in order to make you worthy for a relationship with your Dad God? Would that ever work in an earthly family relationship? Was God trying to demonstrate something else at the cross that would help us understand what is happening to us and all His family? (The theme of the conference is the nonviolent atonement… at-one-ment.) How can the cross resolve reuniting a family? Why again are you writing the bible in story? How can your books help others find God accessible and find intimacy with Him/ Them? Why is your class so excited about WHO God is that they don’t even want to miss a class? What has it meant to them? How can the people at the conference use your books to reach others with an intimate, winsome picture God, that is found in the story of scripture and the relationships God forms with the people in scripture? How can your books provide a nonconfrontive format of reviewing the story of scripture that everyone can participate in, regardless of their theological leaning. How can the story of our God draw all to Him, as He is made accessible in this format of seeing God behave in intimate relationships- that I call family…. You got this, Arla! He has prepared you for such a time as this!

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