Why I am Writing the Bible from a Female Perspective

Understanding God’s wrath as God letting us choose our own way has made all the difference. So much that I’m writing the Bible from a female, family- systems therapy perspective to show that God is all good with no evil in Them at all–Abba, Adonai (Jesus), and Ruach (Hebrew for Spirit). I mean think about it–it changes every churchy thing. If God’s worst anger is respecting our right to choose not to be loved by Them, and letting us walk away, what is there to fear? Then the fear of God becomes not only reverence but adoration.

Then God becomes Three beings you want to spend forever with because you can’t wait! You want to be with them! You begin to know how They love you–like there is no one else in the world. You begin to experience Their sweet, personal, tender love if you make time for Them. Intimacy is not sex, it is safety, the foundation of love and trust.

Writing has been so exciting–difficult at times–but Ruach always comes through for me. I want to live in Their perfect love that casts out all fear and I want that for you too. That is my passion. For everyone to see the God of the Bible as three all-good amazingly loving beings. God who wants to have a personal, daily love affair with you; you don’t ever have to be alone again.

But, you say, what about the bad stuff? The deaths in the Bible, the unanswered prayers? My own unanswered prayers? That is because we live in a war. God is opposed and the war is over His (Their) character. Is He good? Is He fit to rule the universe? God is so good They never pull Satan’s covers, They let him expose himself–which he did at the cross getting humans to kill Jesus. God won the war in the eyes of the watching universe then. But God’s adversary has tried to make it look like God killed Jesus so He didn’t have to kill you (more fear).

But how would that solve God’s problem of bringing us back into oneness? (Jesus prayer for us in John 17.) It wouldn’t. And that is not what God was doing. They were trying to bring back Their extended family. Jesus death demonstrated (after 4,000 years of war on this planet, and taking huge risks of interventions when They almost lost the war in the flood) that God’s love was unselfish –One of Them came to take responsibility for creating a world where something could go wrong and make it right by winning back the power to give us life by going through death.

Let me simplify it. the cross showed three things: that God is good, that Satan is evil, that sin will kill you. It killed even God when He allowed.

Satan is responsible for all the evil we have here–though he could only work through getting one of us to choose. It is how he still works.

Now let me make a timely point. I wish I had heard the Ted Talk weeks ago that I listened to  again today. I would love to see the total solar eclipse. I knew it was the way scientists, as early as 1919, learned about our universe, but I didn’t know the particulars and thought I wouldn’t get anything from it. But in this Ted Talk, David, who says he doesn’t believe in God, experienced awe. The awe of seeing our solar system in the sky. Now I so want to see it! It so shows the goodness of God to give us a little window on our universe! To let us see that things are so much bigger than we imagine or understand. Poor shamed Copernicus. I wonder if he saw a total eclipse? God has been reaching out in this and so many ways to let us know Their goodness. We just have to want to listen and understand.



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