So What if They Roll Their Eyes!

This came from my grandson’s school, and I was so happy to see them taking a stand and sending a strong message to parents. I decided to send it along to you and you can pass it on too. Kindness and civility are slipping away. It seems everyone wants to be raw. Being real is important but not at the expense of others. When we are mean, menacing or threatening to others we are not being real anyway, we are putting off our raw, uninvestigated feelings off on innocent others. We need to teach kids responsibility and respect.

“Important message regarding social media

August 31, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Our traditional calendar schools are not yet a week old and already we have experienced social media threats at two of our high schools. This is no way to start off a school year. Parents and guardians, please know and share with your students that we take all these threats seriously and investigate them fully. Not only are consequences delivered by the schools, but where feasible law enforcement, at our urging, will seek to prosecute.

In our school community we do not consider social media threats humorous, cute, or insignificant. Please talk with your students and help them understand that they are creating a digital footprint that not only will speak for itself, but will also follow them as they continue their schooling and careers. And yes, I ask you to monitor their social media. Young people are committing too many mistakes for which they do not fully appreciate and understand the consequences. Please help them with that understanding.

Now, let’s get back to why we come to school – to teach and to learn.

Thank you,

Dr. James G. Merrill

An end note. This is a public school, but I don’t think they have greater problems than church schools. God comes down hard on every kind of disrespect there is. Love is the opposite of disrespect. Love’s foundation is respect. And responsibility is knowing and picking up your brokenness. Parents teach best by modeling. Your influence is the strongest there is. Correcting bad attitudes and disrespectful behavior has to start with you (your own), and then teach your children responsibility for their behavior with kindness and love. This is difficult, and it takes strength. I don’t think  it can be done without God’s help, which They are more than willing to give.


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