Making Room for Delight

I just went through a delightful experience of a snow day. And since I don’t remember one since I was a child, it was extra special, especially being surrounded by the delight of children–four grandsons. They get snow maybe once a year, and barely enough to play in, so this was a big deal!

It was so beautiful! Huge flakes falling thicker and thicker and finally sticking. They were dressed up and outside to experience the falling snow, and then again when there was four inches they were out making a snowman. Jeremy was helping them, and it was a huge snowman taller than his 6’2″ frame.

It was great fun to watch from inside where we were guessing how long it would stand. It had a lean to it that I was sure would be it’s undoing overnight, but my daughter thought maybe it was cold enough to hold it. Two minutes later it crashed over, and they rebuilt it into a modest but decked out one, and barely finished before dark.

By the next morning there was 5 inches–8 in places and they were delighted. Their step dad didn’t have to work–the roads were iced over. So the whole day felt special.

My daughter is great at capturing special times and this was one of them. For breakfast we had waffles and afterwards “snow cream”–ice cream made out of snow! She couldn’t believe I had never had it, but I hadn’t! And I grew up in the midwest with lots of snow!

Then everyone brushed their teeth and made beds and got dressed up to go out for a walk. The sun was out and the world was transformed into a white and sparkling wonderland. After the walk came the sled rides as Jeremy pulled them with the 4 wheeler. (Icy roads were empty of traffic and safer than a hill.) I even took a turn–great fun!

After which I was soaked through and went in.  The kids played until they had to come in for grilled cheese and tomato soup and a rest. Then Jeremy made special cowboy chili for dinner. while it was cooking we watched “Cool Runnings” and the kids sat on a blanket and had popcorn. They had never seen it and loved it–especially when Jeremy said it was his favorite movie as a kid.

The day just felt special all around, and all day I was thinking of what Pete Scazzero says about Sabbath being like a snow day (Emotionally Healthy Spiritually).

He equates the two saying God built 52 “snow days” into the calendar–a snow day for delighting in your life every week. They gifted us with that kind of time to celebrate–time to make memories you and your kids never forget! Time to remember Them (God) and time to experience Their delight in us.





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