Happy New Year! 2019

I woke up wide awake and feeling great one hour after going to sleep! Was it because in an hour it would be my birthday? (I have the distinct honor of sharing birthdays with Martin Luther King Jr. and my first grandson!) And I don’t get serious about a new year until the 15th; that’s when mine starts 🙂

When you are turning 69 weird things happen. And I’m learning it’s better to treat them with humor and creativity rather than worrying or get upset! So after thinking of all the neat things we could do to celebrate, I got up to spend some time with my Best Friend. His name is Ruach. You know him as Holy Spirit, or Jesus, because he brings Jesus to us constantly. Many times I have apologized for ignoring Him or calling Him Jesus. He just smiles that great warm endearing smile and says, “It’s totally ok, I love him too.”

Spending time in His lap has been such a grand thing. I feel so loved, and I never know what can happen! Sometimes I get so charged with love and joy! Other times I see myself too clearly, and He holds me, providing comfort while I cry. Sometimes He’s just sweet, as a month ago, telling me that I need to be kinder to myself.

Kindness and love is something I ask for a lot. But for my birthday present, I’ve asked for Joy and more awareness of Him. I want to experience Them as much as I can all the time–to live in Their presence. I’ve been so honored by Them to be trusted to write Their story from a new perspective.

I know most people get the perspective of love from the Bible as it is, but being overly sensitive, the dark shadows in there stalked me. Even though I was committed to God as a child, I was always nervous about Him. Too many things I didn’t understand. Finally, I felt I had to face them and deal with my fears. That is what I teach everyone else!

Now it is amazing to me how God has been setting me up for this my whole life. Me, poor little Much Afraid! (I gave one of my grandson’s Hind’s Feet on High Places for Christmas, and reading it to him  was so fun–it’s been 40+years since I have–and I see how that was a catalyst to understanding “perspective” itself.) I was never comfortable with “He’s God, He can do whatever He wants.” He has to make sense; now “They” have to and have to come from a place of love. And you know what! They always do–and They help me see it! Sometimes the picture really expands! Once, while writing book 6, I said, “I can’t make You look good when You don’t.” And in a day they opened my mind to Their perspective by saying, “Do you think I wanted that?” And suddenly everything begin to look different.

I’m talking about my series Love’s Playbook, the Bible with its backstory, or the Bible from a cosmic perspective, or most simply the story of a good God. I’ve just published book 8, which goes through Samuel’s story, and  I am now writing about King Saul. I have learned so much, and will keep learning! Part of the joy has been sharing it with a group at church, and seeing the ah-ha’s that happen. I remember the morning three of them had one at once! Very cool. My goal is to have people enjoy reading the Bible and fall in  love with God–deep, confident, joyful love.

My books are on Amazon–easiest is the link below because, of course, the dark side made sure to have a porn book published with the same title, and unfortunately it gets more hits than the Bible. (Not to be confused with Sex is Better with Men Over 50 which is mine and not pornographic.) It will be so great when we don’t have to continually deal with those jerks anymore. Especially the lies they have gotten us to believe! And the constant attempts to derail us, with “feel-goods” that make us lose our appetite for good, or thoughts and situations to distract and discourage us. But don’t focus on them–they will be gone soon. Just remember that choosing and praise are your best weapons in this war. God will win and we with Them! They are worth it.

Won’t heaven be amazing! And all about relationships. I’m going to have a logia (outdoor house) with grapevines growing up pillars and over the top, set in a beautiful garden, and people coming and going.  And the literal presence of all Three of our Best Friends! It will be so worth whatever you are dealing with here! If you are suffering, ask Them for help and listen, you have a Resident Genius who is on your side. You are Their favorite and Their love is worth the pain of this place.

Happy New Year!




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